What is Celebriteasing?

If you’ve read the Dean Gaffney post then you’ll have an idea what Celebriteasing is all about, but I thought I better make it completely clear anyway. Celebriteasing involves coming up with TV show ideas that are slightly off kilter and borderline piss-takey and pitching them with professional seriousness to bona fide celebrities and their agents.

The proposed titles of the shows will often involve some word play on the celeb’s name or some facet of their persona. So for example I might pitch ‘Sugar and Spice’, a Wife Swap special between everyone’s favourite finger pointing Baron, Alan Sugar, and cackling Northern loon, Mel B.

It’s important that the concept of each show maintains at least a modicum of believability, and my emails must be worded so as to leave each agent thinking, ‘this sounds nuts, but it could be a big break for my client’.


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