Tinie, Get Your Togs On

I was going through some of my old emails and found this last night. I had completely forgotten about it as it was sent over a year before my ‘first’ one to Dean Gaffney. At the time, the Mayo gaelic football team were competing in the 2011 All Ireland Championships and I had a notion of getting a famous star to come up with a song for them. This is quite a common thing in the GAA. Any year that a team looks like going on a bit of a run in the Championship, an accompanying song surfaces. I had a vision of a World in Motion (England, World Cup 1990) type set up and Tinie Tempah was the man I had pegged for the star role. I had just found out he had played a bit of gaelic as a youngster and hoped his ties to the game might seal the deal:

Dear Mr Asika,
I read today that Tinie Tempah used to play Gaelic football when he was at his former school, St. Paul’s. I was greatly excited to read that such a well known star had taken part in one of Ireland’s finest traditions. I sincerely hope he enjoyed his time ‘togging out’.
I am writing, presently, in an unofficial capacity, to enquire about his potential interest in recording a song with the Mayo Gaelic Football Team as part of their drive to win the All Ireland Football Championship in 2011. We would hope to do this in July this year. Have just remembered we’re actually playing London this year so maybe we could get Tinie out to Ruislip for a few promo shots and maybe a kick around? I’ll get back to you about that.
Perhaps you are a football fan and are well aware of how awry team songs can go, ‘World in Motion’, ‘3 Lions’, and debatably ‘Vindaloo’, all being notable exceptions, of course. Please don’t let the reputation of the team song put you off. 
Fortunately, Mayo GAA has a great track record of songs. In 1989, for example, renowned Irish singer Doc Carroll recorded his song Up Mayo, which was a resounding success, and was barely off Midwest Radio that summer. A few well intended efforts (1996 worthy of a mention) followed with, admittedly, middling success, which is why I think Tinie is the man for the job. The man to bring Sam back to Knock. The man to inspire a county. The man to bring the Red and Green back to life.
Now, I’ve spoken with James Horan (team manager) and he says he’s up for it if the lads make it to the Connacht final (shouldn’t be a problem). He assures me Aidan O’Shea is a fierce rapper (a la John Barnes) and we were thinking of giving him a star turn if all goes to plan. I believe he has actually penned a few verses, which I could probably get sent over to you if that might be a dealbreaker (let me know). 
Right so, well i’m just throwing the idea out there and would be incredibly grateful if you could let me know either way because Eddie Chacon of ‘Charles and Eddie’ (Would I Lie to You?) fame has expressed some interest and we don’t want to keep him waiting.

Never heard back from Tinie’s team. Mayo got to the semis that year, the final the year after and have their semi-final in two weeks this season. Bet he’s bloody kicking himself now.

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