Waltz With Bashir


No, not the acclaimed Israeli animated war film released in 2008, but rather a new show involving a ‘celebrity’ I hadn’t even heard of before I Googled ‘celebrity Big Brother’ in search of a new target. Jasmine Waltz? Heard of her? She’s a bit of a conundrum. Famous enough to have 263k followers on Twitter, but not famous enough to have a Wikipedia entry (*update, 2017* she now has a Wiki entry). Strange. Usual bio with this one; a sex tape, lingerie shots, part-time arm-candy for some Hollywood B-listers, a bit of jail time and a couple of acting roles before the CBB casters came a knocking.

Anyway, with no time for mucking about, I found her agent’s email and got straight into action:

I am looking for more information on the availability of Jasmine Waltz as potential co-host of a show I have in mind for her. It is titled ‘Waltz With Bashir’ and is somewhat reminiscent of the popular ITV show The Cook Report.

The premise is that Jasmine would team up with renowned interviewer and journalist Martin Bashir and would ‘investigate’ a range of issues, and doorstop some of those involved, and then return to studio for analysis and discussion. I know this is vastly different from her other projects, but several people on our concept team are huge fans and thought this could be a really good vehicle for her so pitched the idea.

Martin Bashir. Now that’s a name to add a bit of gravitas to an offer, isn’t it? Made famous for his interview with the King of Pop, Martin apparently fell apart for a little bit after the death of Michael Jackson. I have a friend who works at a record store in Islington who said he was in most days (often just in a dressing gown) for about a month snapping up vinyls of Michael’s work.


Martin Bashir (r) poses for a photo with a fan

I heard back within a couple of hours from Waltz’s agent:

Thank you.
Can you just let me know a bit more about yourself and who you work with please? The yahoo address tells me nothing…
Be good to know more.
Do you already have Martin on board?

Usually I jump at this sort of enquiry as it fully indulges the fantasist in me. I can create a whole persona and work history, as i’ve done before with other agents. Make them think i’m some edgy hotshot who’s gonna launch their star. This time, though, I really didn’t fancy it. She seemed nice. This Jasmine character seemed nice, albeit typically vacuous and shallow. So I let it pass and moved on without replying. Maybe i’m losing my killer instinct?